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Android App Developers London

With the use of Mobiles devices increasing by the month, it is becoming ever more important for businesses to develop mobile apps.

Of the approximate 25 million UK consumers, Android users make up about 44% of the market, that’s 11 million users. This statistic reiterates mobile devices are not going away and it would be foolish to ignore.

How does Android App Development help my business?

You see it every day on trains, buses and at the park; people are using their mobile devices all the time. Hard copies of newspapers and books are becoming a thing of the past.

One of the biggest benefits of the android apps is the ‘push notification’ feature which can remind users about anything related to your application. Whether it is to remind a user of an abandoned shopping cart or a new offer/feature you have the ability to get your message write in front of the user’s eyes.

All interactions within the app are fully trackable allowing you to continue to develop and improve your application with a goal of giving your customer the ultimate experience.

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