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Synap uses scientific insights into how the brain works to enhance the way students learn.  

Its original, award-winning mobile App and website, MyCQs, have attracted thousands of users from across the world who rely on it’s intelligent algorithms to learn more in less time. As part of a rebrand from MyCQs to Synap, the team were looking to scale it up and establish it as a leading player in the exciting personalised learning market.  



To help achieve their ambition, a more sophisticated App was needed, which is where Lexel stepped in.  We refined and upgraded the core features, whilst brand new ones incorporated extra elements of research from educational neuroscience to increase the effectiveness of the App. Students can write their own multiple choice quizzes and the App uses intelligent algorithms to monitor their progress. They can even share their quizzes with friends and other members of the Synap community. 



The result is a successfully rebranded App with a new interface and enhanced user experience. The personalised dashboard allows users to identify weaker areas of their studies to focus on and makes it easier for people to study on the go, in bite-sized chunks. The Synap team are going from strength to strength, following a business plan that focused initially on growing the international B2C audience, before promoting the product in both the corporate and educational markets.