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Magento arrived on the e-commerce scene as the new kid on the block in 2007, and immediately started to take the online business world by storm, something it has continued to do through several iterations of the software. As an eCommerce Agency, we follow the trends and used the latest technology.

Although at that time large companies were successfully operating e-commerce solutions, it was still something of a fledgling environment for smaller or start up businesses, so something with a solid reputation was required for the e-commerce world to catch light.

It has become a go-to solution for e-commerce sites of all sizes and business types – in fact 30% of the most successful e-commerce platforms have been built and designed with Magento – and that is a statistic that speaks for itself. Word of mouth and trust from developers are always key with software, and with e-commerce the issue of trust and security is doubly important.


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Magento 2 Agency London

There are a lot of benefits to running an e-commerce venture through Magento and Shopify. One considerable advantage is being able to manage a number of different ventures across different domains from the same control panel, and from within a single admin panel you can run and monitor multiple storefronts.

Many e-commerce agencies e-commerce platform to build great websites, and their developers have been able to build upon many years’ experience with the software. As well as the online shopping content, it's easy to develop and manage the ‘non shop’ pages, as the e-commerce system integrates seamlessly with its content editor.

The Magento Developers have a lot of tools at their disposal at an e-commerce agency, most of which their clients will never need to worry about: PHP, the Zend framework and MySQL database system that run the e-commerce software. SEO and hosting may be more familiar terms, and they fit in perfectly with a site built on the Magento platform.

Magento sites are easy to use for both the developer at the e-commerce agencies, and the front end staff of the e-commerce business, making it a winner all round. Tools favoured by developers can sometimes be a mystery to those who need to maintain and use their e-commerce sites afterwards! A well designed site that can be maintained and queried easily is far more likely to be successful than one that is cumbersome to use, and therefore far more likely to be profitable which is, after all, the primary point of an e-commerce site.

The platform has a large range of fully customisable templates, meaning that the company can have a site that feels like part of their business, in keeping with their look and feel, while the back end is taken care of by respected, tried and tested software that has the best reputation in the industry.

It can feel daunting to make the move to an e-commerce site, and it can feel that e-commerce is something of a runaway train, but with the right support from a ecommerce agency, web designers and developers, the Magento platform can support the perfect e-commerce site for any venture.

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