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How much does an app cost to build?

Smartphone Mobile App's have transformed the way in which we live our lives. Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, the last decade has seen a whole host of changes to the way apps help us perform our daily tasks from shopping to music streaming and virtually everything in between. But just what is involved in the process and how much will it set you back if you want to set one up? Whether you're looking to boost your business with a company app or put a brilliant idea into motion, read on to discover how creating an app for mobile phones really costs.

Which platform will your app be made for?

Choosing between Apple iOS, Android or a combination of the two depends on which geographical target market your app will be aimed towards. Whereas apps compatible with Android have a broader reach, making an app with Apple iOS means you can access a more engaged user base. Both of these servers will incur starter costs in the region of £5,000, while an app compatible with both Apple iOS and Android is the most expensive and can set you back around £10,000.

Will your app require a login page?

Having an e-mail login for your app will keep users' accounts secure and creates a communication channel between you and the user. This feature can add around £1,000 to your app costs. Alternatively, social logins can be used if the app is connected to Facebook or Twitter. However, this can increase app costs by £2,000 to £3,000. On the other hand, having no login page is unlikely to add any additional costs.

Will the users create their own profile?

Creating a personal profile involves sharing data which may be displayed publicly about the user. This may include photographs of the user and tends to add around £2,500 to the app creation process. By not having individual profiles, you can save on your app creation costs.

How will your app generate money?

Charging an upfront installation cost is the cheapest way to build your app, but including in-app purchases is likely to generate more revenue when you establish a user base. This feature can add in the region of £2,500 to your app costs.

How visually appealing should your app be?

Depending on the type of app you are creating, beauty will be of varying importance. The costs of the app design will vary from cheaper, simplistic designs to lavish and very appealing designs so you can expect costs to range from £1,000 to £5,000 depending on the demands of your target market.

Will your app have an icon?

Brilliantly designed app icons can cost up to £2,000 but they will make your app stand out in the app store. If you want to keep it simple, you don't need to pay for an expensive one.

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