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Magento 2 Agency London

Whether you are new to the world of ecommerce, looking to increase your product portfolio, wanting to revamp an existing site that is in need of an update or overhaul a site that isn’t performing as well as you need it to, then Magento is the solution. And you'll want a Magento 2 Agency in London.

Whatever you need your site to do, and whatever level of experience with ecommerce you may have, our friendly and experienced development team are here to help you. From tweaking an existing set up, to building a stand alone ecommerce venture or creating a series of beautifully designed websites that will display, sell and promote your products superbly, Lexel are who you need to be with to get the most from Magento 2.0.


Why A Magento 2 Agency?

Through excellent customer service, we have built ourselves a reputation as the go to place for successful and attractive ecommerce sites. We work on the Magento platform, the market leading ecommerce software option. Developed in 2007, it is now used to create and maintain over a third of ecommerce sites worldwide. As a Magento 2 Agency in London, you can trust our expertise when developing your site.

Technology has moved on significantly since 2007 and Magento has kept pace with it. However your customers access your site, and whichever device they do it from, they will find reliability and great user interfaces to support your venture.

If your ecommerce business takes in multiple domains then you can control them all simply and easily from a single control panel. This works too for multiple storefronts for different market segments, allowing you to keep your brand identity strong all across your enterprise while ensuring that each aspect has its own personality on display.

Magento 2 Agency London  

While Magento is user friendly and great for businesses looking to manage their own sites, in the development phase it really pays to work with experienced web designers so that you and your customers can really get the most from your Magento experience.

Here at Lexel we will work with you before any development starts to make sure we fully understand the nature of your business, how it functions and the brand identity you want to get across.

We will help you establish both long and short term goals, and a vision for the future. While we are designing your website we will tailor it for your key customer groups, based on research into their reasons for shopping with you, and those groups that you wish to target. We can also advise you on dealing with the competition!

All of this makes for your unique online presence. Our development team are highly experienced in design, hosting and SEO which will ensure that your website looks as good and functions as well as you could wish, taking searches and transforming them into orders.

Once you are ready to take ownership of your site we will be there, ready to support you with our excellent customer service, whether you are experienced with the Magento platform or whether this is your first foray into ecommerce. We will make sure you are confident with the platform, and will explain everything clearly.


Together we can design the ecommerce platform that your business deserves. Contact us today and we can start doing great things together.

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