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Welcome to Lexel, a web development agency with Magento 2 Developers specialising in ecommerce that’s as passionate about your business as you are! Ecommerce is where it’s at these days; most high street shops have an online equivalent, and if you aren’t selling online then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.


So how we can we help you? At Lexel we have a dedicated team of ecommerce specialists, working on the Magento platform which is the market leader in ecommerce software, with over a third of all online retailers being supported by the platform.

The Magento 2 is designed with businesses looking for growth in mind, as well as the larger and more established companies. The software is fast and efficient, and fully customisable to be in keeping with your brand identity.

Magento 2 is specifically designed to be accessible across different platforms, so however your customers are looking at your site they are guaranteed a great experience. The days of customers sitting down and waiting for a computer to start up have gone, the majority of online browsing and shopping is now done via a smartphone or tablet. The technology is built in to Magento to allow it to be responsive, displaying correctly on whichever device you are using to view it.

There are a large variety of templates and themes to use which are fully customisable, meaning you can personalise all of your content and ensure it is consistent with your branding, marketing and social media presence.

Promotions can be used to push sales, and prices can even be tailored to individual customers’ profiles. In the reports section you can find out about how customers behave on the site, which you can then incorporate into the design of your site and your marketing materials.

The checkout procedure has been specifically designed to minimise the risk of carts being abandoned, when a customer has progressed to checkout with items in their basket, only to change their mind at the last minute.

As well as being good for businesses, Magento 2 is also great for customers! It’s a smooth, streamlined experience with products attractively displayed and a seamless checkout procedure.

Video clips and customer reviews can be incorporated, as well as automatic recommendations, giving your customer a great all round browsing experience before they decide to buy. The sites are well designed and will display and promote your products to their best advantage, inviting the customer to come and take a look.

Our Magento 2 Development team will be there at every step of the process to guide you through setting up an online business. From initial plans, to scoping the site, to designing and developing the perfect solution, you can rely on our expertise and advice.

Whatever the size of your ecommerce venture we can help you.


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