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Magento SEO London

A website that is optimised for SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools your business can have. If you are serious about increasing visibility for your Magento website, employing the expertise of an experienced Magento SEO Agency is the quickest and easiest way to achieve success.

A strong SEO strategy will increase conversions, increase leads and grow your business overall; all with a low long-term cost. The Magento platform is more susceptible to SEO issues than the other e-commerce platforms that offer less creative freedom are, such as Shopify.

Magento SEO

The Basics:  Thanks to the notoriously mysterious, ever-changing world of algorithms, SEO is still seen as somewhat of a complexity. It's often hard to know which components of SEO to prioritise, as many 'tactics' become outdated quickly.

This can leave even some experienced marketers chasing continually moving goal posts. Add in the technical and on-page issues you can run into with Magento and it can become even more difficult.

Put simply, the purpose of SEO is to get your website to rank highly in search engines when potential customers carry out organic searches.To explain SEO in a bit more depth; think of it in the same way as you'd think of a cake.

In terms of SEO, the end result (the cake) is to gain an organic high ranking on search engines, but this requires ingredients. The ingredients are components such as SEO optimised copy, fast page load speeds, the time users spend on site, the number of pages users browse per session, and more.

This SEO cake requires a lot of ingredients - so the list goes on! Regardless of the end goal for your customer, good SEO is at the centre of any digital marketing strategy. It feeds into any other marketing strategies naturally. Once put in place, your SEO strategy will help your website to compete against even the biggest players in your industry.

If you're often left wondering "how on earth does your competitor do it so well?" - they're probably implementing a killer SEO strategy. For many businesses, the importance of SEO is often overlooked in favour of online advertising, paid media and even social media. SEO is essential if you're going to maximise the success of your business.

Optimising your Magento website for SEO requires a different approach because the complexities of the platform leave websites prone to certain SEO pitfalls.


Why choose us?

We specialise in helping companies with Magento-based websites tackle SEO. With Magento in particular, gaining visibility can be tough. We have over ten years of experience working with large companies (such as Peter Christian) to improve SEO at many different levels.

Our team is ambitious, addicted to keeping up with SEO strategy and uses a mix of creativity and complex technical skills to create winning SEO strategies.

We take pride in our name, reputation and most importantly every single client we work with. We will never use risky techniques that will cause potential harm to your Magento website.


What will your SEO strategy look like?

Any good SEO strategy can't just be passed around from business to business. Your SEO strategy will be based on the end goal of your website (i.e. sales, leads, subscriptions) and specific technical and on-page approaches required for Magento websites.

It will also take into account the current status of your website in terms of key measurable factors such as usability and analytics.

It will pay special attention to; page load speed (Magento is typically very slow), product page and duplicate content issues (a common issue with Magento websites), query string URLs and more.

Our team will use a combination of technical skills, creative license and digital marketing strategy in general, to improve on the key aspects of your Magento website that feed into SEO.

This will be done on page, off page and beyond to ensure that your website is useable for your customers, readable to the search engines and linked to from authoritative websites.

You'll get regular ROI reports, updates on successes and full visibility of the progress your website is making.

SEO is not a quick fix, and is certainly a long-term project but with the right agency by your side; your website will compete with search results from even the biggest companies in your industry.The quicker you get in touch, the sooner you'll start your new SEO journey.

Speak to us for more information and a chat about how we can help SEO on your Magento site.

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