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Greenwich – Magento


Greenwich are a company committed to revolutionising the case market for iPhones and iPads, as well as providing a selection of high-end accessories. Their branding focuses on combining luxurious materials and clever design to offer their clientele a sleek, lavish alternative to cases on the current market. Their years of experience in the leather trade allow them to handpick the finest German bull hide and mix it with the robust properties of carbon fibre to create products that provide the ultimate protection and a real sense of luxury. You can only find them in high-end independent retailers, and staying true to that ethos is what sets them apart from the rest. They felt their impressive branding could do with the support of an elite web presence, so that is what they asked for.


Greenwich found us based on our excellent portfolio of stylish, functional, contemporary site designs, and we knew that the harmonious fusion of our skills and their brand would make for a fantastic final product. We wanted to create a website that highlighted their products, was easy to browse, worked well across a multitude of platforms, and ultimately conveyed their brand ethos in the same lavish fashion. We were keen to use beautiful photography, a rich and sophisticated colour palette, and careful attention to detail to bring Greenwich to life with a truly high-class online presence.


The all-new Greenwich site is now live and kicking, and the response has been fantastic. As a company who will gain a lot of their sales through web access, a webpage that matched the upmarket products was a necessity, and customers couldn’t agree more. The site is easy to navigate, the products are in plain sight, the text is concise and catchy, and the sleek and subtle transitions add that little something extra. We also included quick links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help improve their social media presence, too.

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