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Magento Store for Oxford University


If you were to describe Oxford University you might choose words like “elite” or “excellence” and language that conveys the splendour of the world’s oldest university and the standard of students that have walked its halls. For such a prestigious institution they need their websites to suit, which is why we were invited to update and simplify the site for the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science & Religion.


With navigation confusing and information hard to find we set out to re-design a new interface, which would also provide the ability to upload publications, videos and other important documents. Magento was the best platform for this project due to its flexibility in managing a multitude of complex university information and collateral.


The university now proudly boasts a sleek, user-friendly website with clear and concise signposts and tab navigation on the homepage. Both students and professors can easily access news, details on seminars and conferences, including dates and times and they can even access biographies and contact details of key personnel. We were thrilled that the successful completion of this particular project lead to further work for the university.