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Magento Store for Rowen & Wren


Rowen & Wren (R&W) sell unique, high-end homeware products, targeting an affluent customer base that values authenticity and excellent craftsmanship. Their products encompass eclectic designs, simple functionality and muted colours. It's vital that R&W's online presence reflects these qualities and conveys the right image to their target audience. R&W's previous online store had a number of limitations and didn't fully meet their needs. It also used ProStores, which announced it would be closing down permanently on 1 February 2015. R&W therefore turned to Lexel for a complete redesign and redevelopment of their webstore.


Lexel reviewed R&W's requirements in terms of functionality, usability and customer experience. We identified Magento as a suitable platform for R&W's new store, and we suggested a number of features that could help R&W to offer a more user-friendly online service. The main improvement over their old store was that we could make their website fully responsive, ensuring it looked great and could be easily used across multiple devices and screen sizes, boosting their conversion rate. Focusing on their high-end corporate image, Lexel also worked closely with designer Lewie Evans to create a new site that authentically reflected their brand and values.


Lexel has now completed the new website, and R&W are extremely happy with the results. They've processed a number of orders so far, and they're already reaping the benefits of their customers' ability to checkout using their tablet or smartphone. As we introduced Wordpress to the site, R&W also now find it much easier to keep their blog and lookbook up to date.