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Mobile App Development London

Mobile App Development for handheld devices have rocketed in the past few years. Did you know that the usage of mobile applications grew over 115% in 2013 from 2012 alone? (According to Forbes) What is it about them that make them so popular? And how can they help your business?

For a start, the engagement between people and their smart phones is increasing at an ever-growing rate.  Whether there are a group of people waiting for a bus or sitting waiting before an appointment, the chances are that a large percentage of them are browsing the net on their phones. Already this is helping businesses become more ‘efficient’, in that users are engaging with a company’s software, whereas not too long ago, this intended free time was usually spent on reading newspapers and magazines.

As user interest increases and more traffic gets directed towards your application, there is a higher chance of increased sales for you. With handheld devices, the “Push notification” feature enables you to remind the user about a subject relating to your application, even when they are currently not interacting with their smart phone. For example, reminding customers about their abandoned shopping cart. In addition to this, technology enables you to track where exactly your customers are navigating to on your application. You can therefore distinguish what’s most popular amongst the app, and what you can improve.

The importance of mobile app development London services

The usage of mobile handheld devices has soared in recent years as consumers have adopted apps. In fact, figures produced by Forbes show that mobile apps grew in adoption by more than 115% in 2013, compared to the year before. But why exactly have apps resulted in such a paradigm shift in the way that businesses engage and sell to customers? And what opportunities do they offer to those businesses and brands that are ready to invest in app development?

Firstly, it's vital to note that the relationship between individuals and their smartphones is only growing. You only have to visit a public place - be it an office reception, train station or even restaurant to see swathes of people browsing apps via their smartphones. However you view this as a cultural trend, it's clear that the development of apps gives businesses a chance to market to customers in new and more efficient ways via targeted and specially developed pieces of software. Just a few years ago, leisure time was spent reading print material. Today it is spent browsing apps belonging to brands, news sites, social media and more.

App figures will only grow

What's more, projections suggest that these user adoption figures are only set to grow. Increasing volumes of traffic will have the potential to be directed to your app - which offers the scope for enhanced engagement with new and existing customers and higher sales. Just look at the power of the 'push' notification on a smartphone, for example. It is now that easy to send a smartphone user that has downloaded your app a notification about a special offer, product release or piece of news - even when they aren't actively engaging with their smartphone. You can remind customers about any abandoned shopping carts they might have begun and push an extra offer that way. You can notify customers of an impending sale and you can launch competitions. At the same time, back-end software captures rich analytics that gives you powerful insights into where customers are using your app and how. This allows you to continue to refine and improve your app offer, making it more efficient and effective.

Effective design of mobile apps

Apps can be developed quickly and in a cost-effective way, providing an immediate brand representation as well as a potential storefront to your sales offer. Your design must be completely on brand and designed to reflect your business. That is why our mobile app design team in London works closely with each client to understand their creative preferences, the existing brand and the direction the finished visuals need to take.

Data-driven mobile apps

We also work hard to carry out in-depth data analysis before building your final project. This means researching the target market, identifying other competing apps already in the market, looking at broader market and user factors and using these disparate data sources to make expert insights and strategies. From this point, we can develop a fit for purpose plan with contingency measures in place. This ensures that your app is ready for its target market.

Mobile App Developer London

If you are looking for a Mobile App Developer in London then get in contact. We’ve worked with a number of companies including Oxford University to provide mobile applications that integrate into your existing systems.

With smart phones and various forms of Tablets being the most carried around devices in the world, it is time to start thinking about Mobile App Development.

Over recent years we’ve headed down the mobile application route and seen some truly positive statistics from the clients we have helped. Could it be your turn next?

Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you. Whether you have a new app project that you would like to progress with, an existing app that needs bringing up to date, or assistance with conceptualising and planning for the mobile technology that your business needs, we are here to assist. Our team will be delighted to have a no-obligation chat and to discuss the possibilities. Pick up the phone or pop into our offices for a coffee and let's get the ball rolling.

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