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Mobile Application Development for Flared


The rise in social media has contributed to our “always on” society and we live in a world of being instantly available and immediately searchable. Most people understand what it means to “check in” or be “tagged” at certain events, locations or parties and Flared came to us with an interesting new concept.


We worked with Flared to create a simple mobile app that would allow people to send an instant notification to friends or followers as to their whereabouts, without being logged into any other social media network. The app would suit people that might not have a Facebook account, for example, but want to send a “Flare” to other users on the network to let them know their location.


The result is a user friendly social media tool that accurately displays a user’s location as a pinpoint on a map for up to three hours. People can create their own profiles, search for their friends’ locations and flares nearby and create groups in a similar way to other social media such as WhatsApp.