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Mobile App Development for Oxford University


We previously supported Oxford University with the design of a new website for the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science & Religion. We created a sleek, user-friendly interface for students and professors to easily access news, publications and details on seminars and conferences. The natural progression was to ensure this information was more readily available on smart phones and tablets, so we set to work to create a mobile App. 


The primary goal was to ensure that the App pulled all of the important features of the full website such as ‘news’, ‘activities’, ‘research’ and ‘about us’. With increasing numbers of people spending more time using Apps it made sense to create something that enabled students to access this information conveniently and quickly. 


The App can now be downloaded by all students and professors and helps provide an even faster user journey for those on the move, which is especially important in today’s fast paced world where instant access to information is crucial.