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Platform-as-a-service skills ‘can boost mobile app development’

Posted By: Jason

Improved cloud skills could hold the key to increased mobile app development activity in the UK. A new Oracle report, based upon the findings of a 1,004-respondent study, has highlighted an apparent platform-as-a-service (PaaS) skills and knowledge gap. The firm believes a lack of cloud skills could be hampering app development by reducing the rate of progress in the industry.

Oracle discovered that although UK businesses are eager to develop mobile apps and exploit their full potential, many firms lack the necessary expertise - especially where cloud computing and hosted services are concerned. This is preventing organisations from working flexibly, accelerating test and launch processes, and dealing with threats from their rivals, the study indicated.

Just 13% of IT decision makers surveyed said they were confident in their organisation's ability to deploy mobile apps in less than a month. In a six-month timeframe, this increased to 29%. However, this figure was still way down on the equivalent in Germany - 40% - which may be a cause for concern for those working in mobile app development in Britain.

Where PaaS is concerned, only a third (34%) of survey respondents said they fully understand the technology, despite the ever-increasing maturity of the cloud. A fifth of respondents (20%) said they have no awareness of PaaS whatsoever, which may be impeding their ability to make a valuable contribution to the industry.

Oracle discovered that 59% of businesses struggle to shift workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds, and move applications currently hosted on-site to the cloud.

According to the firm's engineered systems leader, John Abel, there is a skills gap regarding PaaS which needs to be addressed for the benefit of wider mobile app development. "The survey results bear out the assessment that businesses are not fully aware of how PaaS can increase operational agility," he claimed.

Seemingly PaaS will be one of the areas businesses look at in the months and years to come, as they take steps to realise the value of mobile apps. This may be the case internally and in terms of their wider customer offering. Embracing the cloud, including platform-as-a-service, can only aid this quest.