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3 ways mobile apps can increase your conversion rate

Mobile app development is now a necessity for ecommerce businesses, and the statistics prove it. Surveys show that 89% of all mobile browsing is done through mobile apps, rather than mobile websites. In addition, when presented with the choice between using a mobile app or a mobile website, 33% of users chose the former. Studies […]


Why you should think about a Magento app for your business

Anyone running a business in the 21st century knows the importance of having a good app. But there are all sorts of apps out there, built in a range of frameworks for a variety of platforms. The world of mobile app development can feel really overwhelming for those who aren’t already mobile app developers themselves. […]


New dev kit lifts the lid on Apple Watch

It may be a little while before we can get our hands (or should that be wrists?) on the Apple Watch, but the mobile app development community can get a sneak peek at what the tech-giant has in store by downloading the latest iOS beta, which comes loaded with an early version of WatchKit. This […]


Apple ups its game for mobile app development

At the company’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco this week, Apple helped move the goal posts for mobile app development by announcing Swift 2, with a host of new features. Not only are there the usual performance increases, there are also new error-checking APIs and exception-based handling. The compiler can also detect pieces […]


Magento enjoys record growth

This week, Magento announced that they enjoyed record growth in the second quarter of this year. The world leader in cloud-based commerce added more than 50 new B2B clients to its growing portfolio in the second quarter of 2016 alone, including Peak-Ryzex Inc and CentiMark Corporation. Magento’s success The CEO of Magento, Mark Lavelle, attributes […]


In-App Video Gains Support

Video has been a trend in SEO and content marketing for a while now and in-app video is taking off, with mobile app developers looking to differentiate their product and clamour for attention in a crowded marketplace.


Four things to consider when creating a mobile app

From reward cards to fitness trackers, shopping lists to online stores, just about every company has an app for something. In a world where we’re very rarely separated from our phones for more than a few minutes, apps are valuable advertising real estate; and a feather in the cap of any business. If you’re thinking […]


Google Search: Keeping up with the Ever-changing Ranking Factor

With over 200 factors that go under the google search ranking system, it seems nearly impossible to make your way to the top. To make things a little easier on you, we are going to cover the most important factors that are currently controlling your google search ranking. Here are 4 of the most important […]


The importance of UX in Mobile App Development

It’s highly likely that you will have come across the term UX before – it’s the first phase of app development. It stands for user experience and it can play a key role in the success of your app.  Mobile App Developers ultimately want the end user to get as much benefit from using their […]


Widgets in iOS 8 can improve your app’s utility and profile

While your app needs to have some basic core functionality that relates to your business, users will see more value from it if it can offer something extra. At a basic level, that can be from social media sharing to encourage more interaction, or payments to enable then and there purchasing. But with iOS 8 […]


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