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Why is WordPress the best CMS to use?

Since it first appeared in 2003, WordPress has gone on to become the premier content management system around. Many organisations, WordPress and private individuals use it for managing their blog or website. If you are thinking of which content management system to use currently, then it is certainly worth considering. But what is so fabulous […]


Team Talk : Heather MacArthur

Our new blog series, Team Talk, is here to introduce you to the people behind the screens at Lexel properly. We’re a full-service digital agency so there is a whole range of different kind of work that goes on here. We’ll be finding out more about people get up to, both in and out of […]


Lexel: At the Forefront of Mobile App Development in London

One of the hottest trends these days for businesses is to have a mobile app that customers and clients can use. It can be something completely simple and easy to use. In fact, the whole point of having an app is to simplify your users’ experiences. When you have an app that is fun and […]


Magento makes it easier for small businesses to set up shop

Alongside ourselves, there are thousands of Magento Developers around the world. One common problem we all have is linking a small business that wants an online store with a team like ours. You’ve already found our site, so that’s a good start, but for the many businesses that could use Lexel’s services, Magento has a new […]


What do your customers need from your app?

The most important part of any mobile app is the customer. As such, understanding what your customers want is absolutely essential for developing a successful application. Of course, customers view different businesses in different ways. What’s more, every consumer demographic wants something different from its mobile apps. Ergo, to understand what your customers want, you […]


How easy is it to find success in the app marketplace?

With the app industry dominating software downloads, mobile app development is more in demand than at any other time. We are no longer limited to just one platform either: iOS may have ruled the roost early on, but recently competitors like Android and Windows have taken the fight to Apple, giving consumers (and by extension, mobile […]


What to look forward to in app development for 2015

Research industry big wigs Forrester have put together a list of what they predict will be big in app development in 2015 ( Even though they might be experts, some of their predictions seem a little off, but let’s see what you think. The obvious one we think you’ll all agree on is that wearables […]


The Real Cost Of Mobile App Development

Just because many mobile apps are free to download, don’t assume that a good app can be built in one afternoon. The mobile phone age has, in many ways, proven that the cost of creating a product hasn’t really changed all that much. The infrastructure to do so has just shifted so that now most […]


How to create the best mobile app

At Lexel, we know that creating a great user experience is of the utmost importance when it comes to mobile app development. On that note, we’ve put together some of the essential ingredients you need when coming up with the best mobile apps for your customers. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself: […]


How to make the most out of Instagram Direct Message

Sending a direct message on Instagram might not be something you have ever done, especially not to someone you don’t know in person. That might just be about to change. Last month, internationally recognised and self professed internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk announced that ‘Instagram DM (Direct Message) is the single biggest networking or business development […]


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