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10 interesting facts about mobile app usage in 2015

Posted By: Jason

It’s no secret that with every passing day, mobile usage soars and people turn more and more frequently to their handheld devices to keep them entertained, to provide them with the opportunity to shop in comfort, book tables and cinema seats, and much more. As mobile apps become more popular, the demand for high quality design has increased alongside usage, and rival apps are constantly competing to win over the competition. Here are ten interesting facts about mobile app usage that might persuade you to think about revamping your app experience.

1. Users of larger mobile phones tend to return to a mobile app 38% more often, presumably because good app design is harder to achieve on a smaller device (well, not for us).

2. A study by the GSMA has found that, using forecasts and predictions, in just five years the world will have six billion smartphone connections.

3. A 2015 study found that a poor app would put 20% of millennials off a business’s products, and would make 31% of them less likely to refer the company to friends and relatives.

4. 63% of UK millennials prefer making purchases using a mobile app compared to any other platform.

5. It is expected that, following current trends, by 2024 42% of all UK sales will be made on a mobile device.

6. Download figures for paid mobile apps are expected to rise to a staggering 13.49 billion by next year.

7. By 2017 mobile app downloads worldwide are expected to reach 268.69 billion – that’s a lot of competition, so standing out from the crowd is essential!

8. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report highlights that 1.6 billion people use smartphones.

9. 43.3% of all UK shoppers use their mobile devices when they are inside a retail store. This means apps need to be fast to allow users to quickly scan for deals, make price comparisons, and check stock.

10. Analysing 50 high street retailers, Somo found that 30% don’t have an iOS app, and 28% don’t have an Android app. It looks like even the big names in the shopping world could use the hand of an experienced app development team! If you’re looking to improve your business by utilising the public desire for mobile apps, contact us today. With years of experience in mobile app development, you can trust us to deliver an app that perfectly meets your needs.