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10 reasons to get “h-App-y”

Posted By: Jason

One of the most forward thinking actions you can take is to create an app which allows existing and potential customers the chance to interact with you. Whether your business is just starting out or has a million pound turnover, there’s bound to be a way that a mobile app can complement your company perfectly. 66% of the UK’s population have a smartphone, and Lexel, the Mobile app development experts in London, want to help you reach out to them.

Here are ten great reasons to consider an app for your business;

1) Earn their respect Develop an app and show your customers you want to be there for them. If you want to demonstrate your commitment, an app is a great way to do it.

2) Entice your customers An app is a great marketing tool. Get users to log in for exclusive offers, content, events and breaking news

3) Loyalty rewards Some of the biggest UK companies use mobile technology to reward customers, instead of yet another plastic card. They can watch their points accumulate and trade them for rewards, rather than waiting for the postman.

4) Your own billboard Get your name up in lights. This is your chance to show the world how sleek and modern you are. Design it right and you could have the branding which sets new standards.

5) Get interactive Running a restaurant? Let customers book their table online. A theatre? Advance tickets, which could be integrated into systems like Apple’s Wallet. How about allowing your customers to communicate via text based live chat? It’s all possible.

6) Get in first The public are bombarded with advertisements designed to grab their attention when they’re out and about. If you’re in a competitive market, get in quickly and be the first one in your area with a mobile app.

7) You’re always there, even when you’re not We live in a society where customers expect things to start happening right away. If you’re not there, they could take their money elsewhere. If they want to do their shopping, banking or booking at 3am, your app can let them do that.

8) Go viral Many apps offer integration with email, social media and messaging, allowing customers to share what’s on screen, and passing on your offers and news without an expensive advertising agency.

9) Finding you faster How many times have you been away from home and wondered where the nearest coffee shop or petrol station was? If you’ve got a physical presence, taking advantage of a phone’s in-built GPS can make locating your shops or offices really easy, literally bringing customers to your door.

10) One final push Use push notifications to send your customers important messages. Just like a text message, a push notification can pop up on their screen, alerting them to an item coming into stock, a short time special offer, or an upcoming appointment. Using a mobile app, either on Apple or Android phones, really is a great way to build customer loyalty. Get ahead of the game, and get in touch with Lexel, London’s premier Android and iOS developer in London - let’s plan your journey into mobile apps.

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