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3 2017 eCommerce hacks

Posted By: Jason

There is nothing wrong with tweaking. Even some of the most successful eCommerce campaigns can benefit from being constantly reviewed and enhanced in a bid to bump up that conversion rate. In this blog, we look at three eCommerce hacks which have never been more relevant than in 2017:

1. Test your pricing

How often do you play around with the pricing of your items? Maybe you are undercharging compared with the market rate, or underestimating your position as a trusted provider of a certain product. Try experimenting by moving prices up and down in a bid to increase your number of customers. This works better with items which you sell hundreds of, as patterns from the results are more representative over the testing period. Upping your prices can even increase your sale volumes in some cases by making an item more desirable.

2. Cut out the distractions

Too many visitors fall at the final hurdle when it comes to the customer journey, failing to go through with a purchase when they are nearly ready to seal the deal. It's all very well having a beautiful eCommerce site built with the latest Magento 2 development tools, but don't over complicate things. Try keeping things progressively simpler as the journey nears its end. If a visitor has items in their cart, they should now encounter less options for navigating elsewhere and be subject to fewer visual diversions.

3. Clever retargeting

Think more carefully about your retargeting. If a customer hasn't taken up the option of making a purchase, it looks like the content of your website didn't do enough to convince them. As such, what is the point in targeting them with an ad in the same style, or repeating the same kind of offer? Think about different approaches, such as a video which talks directly to them, and explains other elements of your business proposition. Alternatively, maybe a customer testimonial, which is capable of giving the faith in your product, could be the determining factor for whether they return and buy.

So there you have it, three useful eCommerce hacks which are capable of making the difference in the modern day world of online retail.