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3 amazing SEO tips for your Magento store

Posted By: Jason

When it comes to eCommerce websites, Magento is a very popular platform organisations and for Lexel, who are Magento 2 Developers to choose to use. The choice of which platform you make in this area is very important, as noted by Forbes. Magento is great as it gives a superb shopping experience for your customers and contains some very powerful features too.

Of course, the main issue any online shop may face is people finding their website in the first place. Luckily, Magento contains some great features, sometimes you need an Agency to Search Engine Optimisation Services features that can help in this regard. By implementing the below, you will be able to rank higher in the search engine results and allow more people to find you.

1. Fill in your metadata

Within Magento, you will have CMS pages on your Admin panel. For each page shown, make sure you complete all the descriptions and keywords. It is usually best to fill in five keywords that relate to the page but also your business. It is also wise to fill in a description of the page and what your business does. This metadata will then be used by the search engines to determine your relevance when someone searches for a specific term.

2. Update your Robot.txt file

Access the Robot.txt file via your Admin panel and make sure it is set to allow robots to crawl your website. These robots are what the search engines use to see what is on your site and if it should be included in the results it will show to a potential customer. If the robots are not enabled to search your site, then you will never show up in any search results!

Robots.txt file for magento 2 developers3. Check out your PHP

Magento uses the coding language of PHP to run. A great idea is to check that the PHP code on your Magento site is fully optimised and executes quickly. This will allow your site to respond in a fast and agile way when in use. Take the time to run speed tests and check for any bugs in your PHP code.

If you would like professional help with building a Magento eCommerce site, then give us a call today and check our Magento tips. As the premier Magento Coders, we have the knowledge and expertise to make the process easy.