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3 digital marketing trends coming your way in 2016

Posted By: Jason

Digital marketing is constantly changing. In 2015, we saw major innovations and developments in SEO and social media marketing, like mobile-friendly algorithms and the rise of Instagram for brands – so what's in store for 2016? Here are three digital marketing trends that are coming your way next year.

1. The rise of Siri and Cortana Personal assistants like Siri and Cortana have become increasingly important to the way we use our phones over the past year. And in 2016, you can expect to see lots of businesses altering their SEO strategies in order to capitalise on this. When searching the internet for your results, Siri and Cortana use your keywords to find relevant content, so changing your keywords to reflect these searches could significantly improve your reach and ranking.

2. Virtual reality marketing 2016 could be the year that virtual reality finally goes mainstream. After lots of unfulfilled promises and false starts since the idea first emerged in the 1970s, experts are predicting that in 2016 it could become crucial to the way that we experience the internet. New VR headsets boast social media integration, video channels with optimised content, and other native applications. All of these new VR platforms and their content provide brands with the opportunity to market on them, meaning VR could be the new digital market territory for the coming year.

3. Application indexing and SEO Application indexing has been happening for the latter part of this year, although 2016 could be the year it becomes integral to your digital marketing and SEO strategy. So what is it? Application indexing is simply the process by which Google indexes the content of the apps you download and use on your mobile or tablet device. It then uses this indexed data to insert in-app results into your search results for relevant keywords, both for applications you already have installed, and for those that you don't. Like with 'mobilegeddon' in 2015, application indexing could change the entire way that businesses do SEO, and could lead to mobile app development becoming more important to brands everywhere.

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