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3 SEO Branding Tips

Posted By: Jason

Some of the best SEO Branding Tips can include 'two in one' ideas which allow you to achieve several of your overall objectives. There are a few such activities which work for both SEO and branding, and in this article we take a look at some examples.

1. Video content

When Google purchased YouTube it made a statement of intent, and also revealed to us just how influential video might be within search rankings before too long. By creating engaging video content which is also shareable, you are not just building the strength of the brand which represents your product or service.

You are putting yourself in contention to rank highly on Google's video search, and attract more users to your site as a result. Ask your SEO Agency for more information on video search.


2. Local SEO

Some products or services automatically lend themselves to a local marketing focus, and Google has encouraged SEO Branding Tips tactics by allowing businesses to register their details and win positive reviews.

It all adds up to more prominence when web users enter in search terms which are related to a certain area, and can put businesses on the map - literally! - when it comes to search rankings. It is also brilliant for branding, especially for those locally-focused businesses which want to become known as the first choice for customers on their doorstep. Here are some tips from Google on how to improve a local ranking.

3. Backlinking

Backlinking & Blogger Outreach strategies go about securing ranking boosts by placing links to a URL on respected web platforms, such as media outlets or consumer sites.

It is recognised that this is a way to win a 'thumbs up' from Google, and the beauty for branding is that you can do so by creating fabulous content with which to place the links on other websites.

Whether it is exclusive blogs and interviews, videos or infographics, by spreading this content over well read sites you are doing positive things for your brand while also giving yourself the opportunity to climb the search engine spots. Here are some top tips on backlinking from 23 experts.

So those are some ways in which you can make sure your marketing is ticking more than one box - a marketing manager's dream!