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3 tips on harnessing analytics to guide your app development

Posted By: Jason

It ain’t easy building an app. Just because you’ve got a killer idea or a thriving website doesn’t mean you can simply port your UX to a bespoke app. From the early stages of wireframes and back-end structure to user authentication and data integration, it can be a laborious process. And that’s just the design. But even more important than that is your overall strategy. What are you looking to achieve and who are you looking to help?

By taking full advantage of analytics you can clearly define goals from the outset and ensure that from concept to development to roll-out and beyond that your app is driven by a clear goal. This might sound self-evident, but you would be amazed by how many people effectively lumber into the process blind, and have to spend longer tweaking and fixing an app than they did developing it. Avoid this by listening to these tips on letting your data help you navigate the process.

Draw up your analytics strategy

This might sound like a big task, but it really isn’t. At this stage, your strategy could simply be three goals written on a whiteboard. As long as they are clearly defined and achievable then you are off to the right start.

The next stage is to turn those individual goals into tactics on how to achieve them. Each might be a further three-step process, or something more complicated, but break down what you need to do to realistically meet those goals.

Distill your KPIs

Not everything that you can measure matters. In fact, some of the metrics you anticipate using can cloud what it is you are looking to do. With this in mind, choose one KPI that actually does give you a clear understanding of your performance and double down on it. This KPI will inform your strategy from here on out, and if you’ve chosen it correctly, will give you the insight you need for effective mobile application development.

Share and keep sharing

Received wisdom might state that the key information on your mobile application design and development should reside in the hands of project managers and higher-ups. This would be wrong. Share the metrics you are using to quantify success with the whole team. Make sure everyone at every level of the team has a crystal clear vision of what you want your app to do and how you plan on measuring it. By giving your team access to KPIs you have more eyes and ears looking out for the things that matter. This can only boost performance and will help turn your entire team into a team of analysts driving you forward.

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