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3 trends that defined app development in 2015

Posted By: Jason

Mobile apps have come on leaps and bounds in 2015. From a purely consumer-based retail experience and customer service tool they have become a mainstay in just about every sector this year. There is an app for almost everything and if there isn’t, it is on the way.

Here are some trends that helped define the industry in 2015 and a quick look ahead to the coming year.

1. Mobile apps replaced desktop apps We are slaves to the desktop no more. Smartphones have threatened laptops for a while and 2015 was the year that phones really took over, especially with the mobile workforce. People on the go don’t always want to take a laptop and with phones improving and gaining traction, the app focus simply switched to smartphones. That has changed the industry and now phones and tablets are used as a matter of course in offices and even in retail settings. Bring Your Own Device also became more accepted in 2015, which created security concerns as corporate information sat alongside users’ personal information on their own devices. This sped up the move to store corporate information on secure cloud-based networks, which again has opened up other opportunities in terms of development.

2. Better development tools The vast increase in companies using mobile apps for everything from direct sales to internal auditing has led to an explosion in development tools. The pioneers were forced to make do with the basics, but as apps have become mainstream then the development tools have had to follow suit. It’s a work in progress, but we are not so far away from the drag and drop functionality of the web design world. That opens up the word of app development to the masses.

3. App development gained cultural acceptance Apps have become a part of the landscape now. They are no longer a niche service brought in for a specific purpose, app development lies at the heart of web development, social media and indeed a company’s entire digital strategy. The year ahead promises to bring even greater strides in app development as Magento development goes to another level and mobile app developers take an even greater role in defining digital strategy and taking every company forward. For those involved in mobile app development, these are halcyon days.

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