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3 ways your mobile application is costing you sales

Posted By: Jason

If your target audience uses a smartphone, then it's likely you've dabbled in creating applications, most of our team at our team at the Mobile App Development HQ find they use there phone rather than going online with their PC or laptop. But when it comes to ensuring your audience isn't put off by what they see on that rectangular screen, it's important to consider whether your mobile app is working for you - or costing you sales.

Here are just a few ways that a mobile application can cost you customers:

No value added

One thing that attracts people to invest both their time and money into a business is that they get value out of that transaction. We're not just talking about monetary value - it's the little things, like being able to access needed information, such as store opening times, from one place, or even showing your customers how to use a product correctly. If your mobile application is just another advertisement for your business, your customers won't be encouraged to purchase products or find out more about your brand - they will just delete the app and stop using it.

Brand confusion

Any extension of your business should first and foremost be a match to your other branding. Not only does this give a strong signal to those looking to install a new app, but it also makes sure that those who do download the app know what business it is connected to. Whether it's a straightforward shopping application like Amazon, a quirky campaign-related game or something else, your customers need to know where the application comes from to connect it with you.

A bad quality app reflects poorly on your business

Whether you've chosen to spend hours creating an app in-house or you've spent a lot of money on outsourcing the project, you may find that your application isn't entirely living up to what it should be. If you choose to keep a product you're not happy with live on the app store for potential customers to download, consider this: if their first glimpse of your brand is something that's outdated, or doesn't work correctly, then how will they see the rest of what your company delivers?

If you're looking for a company that has experience in creating engaging, customer-focused mobile applications that will do your business proud, Lexel has the expertise and skills you require without sacrificing the quality of your brand. Contact us today to find out how we can help.