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4 mobile app development questions answered

Posted By: Jason

People are constantly on their smartphones nowadays. It can be a bit annoying if you go out for a meal or a coffee with a friend and they get their phone out and start tapping away. It's a fact of life, people are obsessed with their phones, and nine times out of ten they'll be using an app. But instead of letting it grind your gears, you should be inspired!

Clearly an app could be beneficial for your business, just because people love them so much. There are still a few things you're probably curious about though, so here we answer some of the questions you might have before you start your mobile app development journey:

1. What kind of app is right for me?

There are lots of different options when it comes to creating an app. To work out the right way to go for your business there are two things you can do. Take a look at your competitors' apps and see what works for them. Also, you should look at popular apps in the app store for further inspiration.

2. Should it be free or paid?

A free app is likely to get the most downloads, and you can still make money off of it through advertisements. But if you can afford to try out different things, why not create both and see what generates the most revenue?

3. How much promotional material should be used?

You might be tempted to include as much as possible. In reality, if you want your app to do well it should be beneficial to the user in the first instance with promotional material cleverly integrated.

4. Should it be for Android or iPhone?

Where possible you should develop an app that works on both platforms to get the most visibility. But if you have to choose one, go with Android. This is because it won't be subject to reviews before it's published. In other words, there's nothing discouraging potential users from downloading it.

Developing the perfect app for your business isn't an easy process, so you'll probably need professional mobile app developers to help you out. If you feel like the process is risky then don't put all of your eggs in one basket; create a few apps over a period of time and learn from each one.