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4 things that stop your customer from using your mobile app

Posted By: Jason

So you've spent time developing, creating and outputting a brand-new mobile app for your business, brand or service - but you're just not getting the downloads you thought you would, or maybe your rating is far lower than expected. A negative response to a mobile app is more common than you'd think.

Whatever the reason, it can be disheartening to see all that hard work go to waste, especially if you're not sure why your app isn't a success. That's where we come in. Here are four reasons that your customers turn away from your application:

1. It's already been done

One of the most common reasons for an application failing is that it has already been done. Even the giants of the app world, like Twitter and Google, have had applications fail because they're attempting to copy or work from pre-existing apps that are mega successful. If your work doesn't offer an advantage or twist on the existing formula, you're unlikely to get noticed.

2. It's difficult to navigate

We've all felt the frustration of trying to navigate a badly built app. If users of your app can't find what they want or need to access in a couple of seconds, it's unlikely that they'll try again. Ensure that the critical features of your app are front and centre, and easy to communicate in seconds.

3. It doesn't have enough value

One thing to consider when creating an app is what it offers those who download it. If the answer is nothing, then why would anyone want to use it? The value your app offers could be anything from entertainment to access to information or even actual money or vouchers, but if your customers get no benefit from what you're offering, why would they want it?

4. It looks outdated

Downloading an app just to find it looks like it was made back in 2008 isn't appealing to any customer. Ensuring that you keep your application slick, visually appealing and at least a little on-trend is essential when it comes to getting, and keeping, users. Anything from your app badge on their home screen to the start-up animation can influence your users' enjoyment of your application.

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