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5 mobile optimisation tips

Posted By: Jason

Google has adopted a mobile-first indexing policy now that more web users access sites on mobile devices than on desktop devices. This means that if your website is not properly optimised for a mobile experience, you will lose search engine ranking position, while also seeing a poor conversion rate.

In order to comply with Google’s mobile-first indexing policy and to ensure that you don’t lose mobile visitors as soon as they arrive on your website, we've run through 5 optimisation tips.

1. Mobile first

Don’t look at mobile design as an afterthought or an add-on anymore. Even developing a site that utilises responsive design may not be enough for you to truly benefit. Considering that the majority of your users are likely to be using a mobile device, it makes sense to develop a mobile experience that will also display effectively on desktop devices.

2. Page load times

One of the most frustrating things for mobile users is slow loading websites. If your pages don’t display within a few short seconds of opening, you will lose visitors. They will click away from your site to a competitor’s site and you won’t get them back. Use Google’s AMP to speed up pages, compress files, and use other techniques to improve loading times.

3. Use images and media

It is difficult to read text on smaller devices. Break up your textual content, which is still important if you want to rank in search engines, with lots of meaningful images, video, and other rich media content.

4. Maximise distance between click points

Click points include links to other pages, shopping cart buttons, and even ads. If the space between these elements is too small, users will accidentally click on the wrong buttons or may struggle to click the links that they want to visit. Make links easy to identify and simple to click, and ensure there is enough room between buttons and other click points.

5. Avoid obtrusive ads

Interstitial ads are pop-up ads that fill the whole page. You should minimise these types of ad because they are distracting to mobile users; many of whom will click away. It is especially annoying if you have to close a pop-up every time you open a mobile app.

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