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5 SEO tips for businesses

Posted By: Jason

SEO may seem a complex subject for many businesses, however, it is critical to success in the online world, so it's well worth getting to grips with some SEO techniques. The following tips should help increase the online visibility of any business:

1. Develop a mobile site

Website visits from mobile devices have finally overtaken visits from desktops or laptops, so it makes sense to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. On platforms such as WordPress you can easily source plugins for your existing content management system to help you build a mobile-friendly site. Don't forget to trial it across a range of devices, from Android tablets to Apple and Windows phones. You should also ensure that your site is optimised for the fastest load speeds to enable speedy connections.

2. Understand your audience

Understanding your online audience and target customer is critical for making the best use of all online channels. This will involve a good deal of research; however, it does save you any waste of resources in trialling out new marketing strategies that are unappealing to your target market. If your target audience spends time on Facebook or Instagram then these are sites on which you should also establish an online presence.

3. Keyword research enables more visitors

Carry out extensive keyword research to identify lesser-known keywords that aren't used so much by your major competitors and bigger companies. Use Keyword Planner from Google to source keywords that aren't in such common use, or use long-tail keywords to help target a more likely buyer or reader for your specific item or content.

4. Check out your competitors

Keep a watchful eye on the way search engines display results within your business niche. For example, if you are focusing all your energies on a keyword that throws up huge multinationals in the first few pages of rankings then you could be wasting your efforts. Where search engines display local results in their first few pages, your efforts to showcase your business should be redoubled as these are your real competitors.

5. Do it yourself

You may not have a huge marketing budget, but nobody knows your target market or customers better than you. Don't be tempted to hire external companies on the cheap to conduct spamming exercises which could prove offputting to your target customers.

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