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5 ways a mobile app can help your business grow

Posted By: Jason

Mobile apps are no longer the preserve of massive companies. Mobile application development is now an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool for SMEs too. Here we explore how a mobile app can help you to grow your business.

Provides brand exposure

With your logo or company symbol emblazoned on the home screen of your customer’s phones, they won’t be able to help but remember you when they need your services. Having you right there at their fingertips will stop them from searching around and possibly stumbling onto something easier or cheaper.

Improves customer experience

Having a portal through which they can book services or contact you while they are on the move is very convenient for clients. This improves their ability to reach you and engage with your services, so it will improve their experience too.

Acts as a marketing tool

An app can also act as a marketing tool for your company. In-app promotions can help you to up-sell on your products and you can also send automatic notifications to the client. Build your app so that it sends an automatic reminder when their current agreement is set to expire and you could increase your renewals or re-orders dramatically.

Acquires more customers

Word of mouth marketing is by far the most effective marketing available and an app housed on the home screen of a phone will massively boost the chances of your company being recommended. Being able to start an app download and come back to it when they have time means that people are likely to engage immediately and this will help you to acquire more customers. People are addicted to their phones, so you will find people searching for easier ways to achieve tasks and stumbling across your app too.

Generates more income

While you will find some customers switching between channels, you will also be generating a new income stream for your company. Adding this additional way for customers to engage with you will ensure that the business keeps coming in and can help your company to grow.