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5 ways to keep users from uninstalling your app

Posted By: Jason

Smartphone users are an increasingly picky bunch, and while they might have the latest smartphone with acres of storage, millions of users face daily decisions about culling their apps, and deleting videos and photos to make room for your app. Even if not today, these regular clear outs threaten any app that doesn't benefit them. Once an app is gone it is unlikely to make a reappearance on their device, App Developers, we recommend you follow this basic advice. To get your app onto users' phones, and keep it there, you need to make sure the app fulfils some basic criteria and needs:

1. Don't clog up their phone

Large apps are deeply unpopular. Even if the initial app size is small, those apps that start downloading and maintaining lots of data suddenly become deeply unpopular. Even the likes of Facebook and Twitter are promptly dumped in favour of the web version when users realise just how much space they can consume. Whatever your aim with an app, keeping it small and removing data regularly will increase its lifespan on a device.

2. Icons should be easy on the eye

App icon design is an art in itself and users hate something that appears too freaky or gaudy on the highly personal space of their home screen. While you might fancy going out to shock, restrain your designs and aim for something that fits in with typical popular apps to help the app blend in, but remain noticeable.

3. Avoid web duplication

Unless your app has massive exposure, don't just create a wrapper app that duplicates your website content. You need exclusive features or content on the app to make it worth users or customers installing, and coming back to.

4. Make interactions valuable and engaging

Don't hassle the user, even if they choose to accept notifications and information from your app. Each push message or notification should have value and a purpose, and be tailored to the user; apps are not the place for spam.

5. Keep your app up to date

Don't let an app die on the vine. Constantly compare yours against rival apps to see what they do, then create your own spin on their features to continue to add value to the user experience. As app developers, we can help resolve most of these issues to ensure they never become a problem, but bear them in mind when planning your app and how you will support it in future.