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6 secrets to programming a successful app

Posted By: Jason

Creating a successful app can be the recipe for a successful business. But, with three million or so apps out there on the stores of Apple, Google Play, Microsoft and others, the competition is fierce. Here are some tips on how to make your app stand out from the crowd.

1) Keep it simple

Avoid the seductive appeal of 'feature creep', in which a simple idea becomes more and more complex during mobile app development. For users, complexity can be off-putting, so focus on delivering your core product clearly and efficiently. Remember, just because you can do something with an app, it doesn't mean you should.

2) Looks are important

It's hard to over-estimate the importance of good design. As well as making an app easier to use, good aesthetics will draw customers in droves and keep them coming back. And a large part of what lures smartphone and tablet consumers is great design.

3) Cover multiple platforms

Apple's App Store gets a lot of attention, but Google Play has the largest market share so don't limit yourself to one part of the market. You'll have a much greater chance of success if you target more than one platform.

4) Go global

Many mobile app developers focus on US app sales, but you may find you have more of a chance of initial success by launching in a smaller market. Then, once you have built a user base, it will be easier to go after the larger territories.

5) Go after users

Tried-and-tested apps may sell on reputation alone, but to set off an initial wave of popularity you need to go out and woo customers with effective marketing. Work out who your core demographic is and how best to target them. Better still, hire pros to do this for you.

6) Invest in quality development

Of course, no app can succeed without an excellent development team, so make sure you enlist a developer who knows the field inside out. Lexel is an experienced digital agency offering mobile app development services, including Magento development and magento support packages. Drop us a line and let us discuss how we can help develop your app.