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Top 5 Apps for 2016

Posted By: Jason

Here at Lexel, we have been racking our brains to find you the best and newest upcoming apps for 2016. From Educational apps to Food and Fashion apps we have found something for everyone! Technology and Mobile App Development has exploded in recent years with the majority of households owning smartphones and tablets, even down to the youngest members. Apps, therefore, are also on the rise and new ones are available on an alarmingly regular basis. Some are frankly rubbish but we are here to look at five great apps, all new for 2016.

Heres our top 5 apps; 






So why are these 5 apps so awesome? 

1) Synap

Synap is an AI-powered education platform that helps you ‘’learn more in less time’’, by tracking your study habits and topics and generating personalised revision material. Created by two medical students and designed by Lexel, the app has already won a National App Design Award, and is listed as one of the Top British AI startups to watch in 2016!

2) Yelp

We've all been there - stumbling around a new city trying to decide where we may like to eat without any real clue as to how the restaurants on offer rate. Well, fear not, Yelp is here to help! With an impressive database that holds information on thousands of restaurants, Yelp is a total must-have for anyone who likes to eat out, at home or further afield.

3) Dimble

Another Lexel creation, Dimble is an exciting New Shopping App that helps you budget and find exactly what you're looking for. Dimble uses Smart Push Notifications to alert you when your favourite items go on sale, your size is back in stock or even if a brand new range has just been released! Be honest, we've all wanted an app like this for years!

4) BrightNest

An interesting new app that is full of DIY tips, which is sure to make it big in 2016 as we all look to consume less and create more. With handy tips and tools they will shape up your home and simplify your life.

5) Epicurious

Another one that is sure to be big in January particularly, Epicurious is a new healthy eating app that is full of recipes and tips. It features more than 30,000 recipes so there really is something to suit all tastebuds, budgets, and skill levels.

Interested in a Mobile App for your business? 

To be honest, these apps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's new for 2016, but they promise to be some of the very best and most successful. Expect great things from Lexel as we are a top Mobile app development London agency as well - with two fantastic new apps featuring in our top five, it is fair to say they are destined for greatness.

Recently Lexel recently won 7 prestigious UK [APP] design awards, including best medium studio. These also included a Gold award for MoveMe, and a Silver award for Synap.

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