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A short guide to branding your mobile app

Posted By: Jason

Mobile app development is an exciting and challenging process. Businesses like yours need apps that are functional, unique and capable of delivering a high-quality experience across multiple different platforms. The challenge of creating an app like this and differentiating it from your competitors’ can easily take up all your attention. However, there’s another aspect of mobile app development that you should never lose sight of: branding. It is vitally important that your app reflects your business’s overall brand identity. After all, you want your users to think of you whenever they use your app. Your app isn’t just a tool for your customers, it can be a marketing tool for you. But how exactly do you brand a mobile app?

1. Design and delivery

The simplest way to brand your app is to make use of visual cues. Incorporate your business’s approved colour scheme and logos into your app’s design. Ideally, your app should look like a natural extension of your website and your advertising materials. Don’t fall into the trap of distinguishing your app so much that it ceases to look like part of your main business. Uniqueness is important, but so it brand recognition.

2. Content replication

Is there any way to include images, videos or even widgets from your advertising or website in your app? Small pockets of repeated imagery and functionality can help establish a firm link between your app and your main business. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo this type of content replication; your app still needs to feel like an independent, valuable product. However, subtly reusing some imagery and content from other parts of your business won’t detract from your app’s independent qualities and can be invaluable for establishing brand identity.

3. Functionality

The single most important part of branding your app is ensuring that it provides a function that your existing customers can benefit from. The best way to brand an app is to make sure that its functionality reflects your company’s goals and the needs of your customers. As top mobile app developers, we at Lexel can help you create apps that seamlessly integrate with your brand and support it. When discussing app development with us, consider the tips we’ve given on app branding in this blog entry and feel free to ask how they can be incorporated into your app. If you’d like to learn more about app branding or development, contact us - we’re always happy to answer your questions.