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Amazon AWS can now help develop mobile apps and IoT deployments

Posted By: Jason

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the back end power for a huge number of websites, cloud services and business tools. With the increasing business focus on mobility, it comes as little surprise that Amazon now offers mobile app development tools, thanks to AWS Mobile Hub.

This new service will naturally appeal to those companies whose apps are already heavily invested in AWS for computing, analytics or scalability, but the tools allow flexibility when it comes to choosing services and code.

Using a dashboard and console, it helps manage app creation across the stages of development: including configuration, build, testing on iOS and Android, and monitoring, making it another useful tool when it comes to building mobile apps.

The App Development Hub lets app creators pick functions, with the hub offering various Amazon systems, common APIs or the user's own code to manage particular facets of an app. So sign-ups can be managed by Amazon's Cognito while you can choose to have Push services controlled by Amazon's own Simple Notification Service.

Mobile Hub has launched in Beta and is free to use, with charges only due when using Amazon's cloud services - $1 for one million mobile analytic events, for example. At the same time, if your business is focused on Internet of Things (IoT) services or products, Amazon has also announced AWS IoT to help take the heavy work out of managing these devices.

This can be tied into your IoT devices or apps, connecting smart devices and their cloud management systems to help with data processing, analysis and messaging as devices (be it a few dozen, or millions deployed around the world) report in. Devices connect to AWS IoT's Device Gateway, with customisable rules for how it handles data and reports to users, or the business.

While you may still rely on traditional app development tools, Amazon and similar services are increasingly dominant when it comes to helping scale a business's IT to respond to growing mobile app use.

Magento can be run on AWS cloud, so bear this in mind when it comes to updating or creating a new series of apps for your business.