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Apple’s iOS 9 adds side-by-side apps for improved business features

Posted By: Jason

The next version of Apple's iPad and iPhone operating system is approaching launch, with a reveal of the next iPhone devices pencilled in for 9th September. There's also the ongoing first ever public beta test of an iOS, allowing end users to try out the features, all of which means that many users will be looking for apps to support the new features come the launch date.

One of the most useful new features for iOS 9, on the iPad at any rate, is the side by side view, allowing users to run two apps at once and interact between them. It is here that mobile app developers can build apps that make it easier to copy information from one app to another, or to open up new levels of interactivity.

For example, you can get an app to play tutorial videos in Safari or the pop-up video player, so users can watch the tutorial on one app and follow the steps within the main app. Or, design-and-build apps can have the creator page running in one app, with the results showing simultaneously in another to save switching between preview and design modes. Creativity in this area could help your app be more useful and popular through innovation and clever use of the feature.

A key issue for developers to remember is that iOS will automatically shut down apps that hog memory, so both your app and your choice of second app need to be run efficiently to function in parallel. Apps should also use the right size classes, so they look good in the new split screen ratios. Avoiding use of excessive design flourishes will also help the screen look cohesive when you have two apps open at once.

Other benefits of iOS 9 include deep search for content, even if an app isn't installed, adding app-specific content to Spotlight so users can find it without launching the app. There's also improved Watch connectivity if you want your app to better interact with users' Watch devices.

Along with the many framework changes and other tweaks, iOS 9 creates more ways for your app to be useful to the user and to improve interactivity. We can help create provide mobile app development to create apps for your business, along with Magento integration for e-commerce stores to build successful and impressive digital products.