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Apps to improve your work-life balance

Posted By: Jason

The speed of recent mobile app development has meant that apps are now a part of almost all of our lives. They help us book everything from trains and planes to hotel rooms and gig tickets and get our shopping done at our favourite stores, wherever we are. They have proven themselves to be extremely useful tools in a number of areas of our day to day lives, but what about helping us with something that we are all looking for: a better work-life balance?

There are a number of apps out there designed to do just that and as we have just made our way into a new year, we think this is the ideal time to give them a try. Here's our lowdown on what you can find out there:


Compiling and submitting work expense reports is about as interesting as it sounds most of the time, but not with Expensify. This easy to use app allows you to scan information from receipts on the go, which it then automatically turns into an expenses report that is ready to be handed into accounts. An excellent little time (and boredom) saver.

Rescue Time

This app is something of an admission of the fact that we aren't as efficient as we might be. It is a self-policing app that monitors time spent on applications and the internet on our desktop and mobile devices, feeding back the information to you in an easy to read format that is designed to help you improve your time management.

It can tell you how long you spent completing a particular task, how long you were in that meeting or, brace yourselves, how long you were on social media for. Very useful but only for those with a clear conscience.


That's work taken of so what about the 'life' end of this balancing act? Feeling the pinch this January? Overspent over Christmas? With the help of Mint, this could be the last time. Mint tracks your spending on the go by automatically recording any financial transactions and offering users advice and calculations of how much they can spend within their budget limits. Say goodbye to post-Christmas financial house arrest for good!

These are just a taster of some of the apps that are out there to help with your work-life balance. Give them a try in 2015 and reap the rewards.