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Big business will lead the app world

Posted By: Jason

Mobile app development could be taken over by big business, according to new research by open-source specialist Red Hat.

The company commissioned Vanson Bourne to look into two separate surveys, which polled heads of IT and business, to look into the state of mobile app development and where it is likely to go in the future.

The report revealed that the two are, in fact, coming closer together and there is more collaboration between the IT heads and commercial minds to come up with apps that properly serve the enterprise. There are still substantial gaps in their thinking, though, as to the best way to achieve their goals.

Business heads want to automate processes, to help cut costs and streamline the business, with 47% of the respondents naming this as their main objective with a new app. Just 26% wanted to break new ground and effectively transform the business with an app. Most commercial heads are also keen to link apps to key performance indicators for each and every member of staff, to create real-time statistical information on the company at a micro-management level to look for improvements on the fly.

It is perhaps unsurprising that the commercial heads take a safety first approach, while those working in information technology favour a more creative and transformative approach to mobile app development.

35% of the IT executives questioned believed that apps have the power to change the way a company does business at a more profound level.

There is little doubt that the two will have to work together to make the apps of the future more effective, but the heads of business and the commerce departments feel that they will take the lead.

“The new mobile survey shows that there is a mutual understanding from both LOB and IT executives that mobile app development will take on more of a business-led approach in the near future,” said Cathal McGloin, vice president for mobile platforms at Red Hat. “Organisations that have fully implemented a mobile app strategy are more likely to be empowering their line of business managers to influence the development of mobile apps and are supported by IT through the use of modern app development tools, platforms and integration technologies."