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Build a store or use someone else’s?

Posted By: Jason

When you are selling a product online, there comes a tipping point when you have to build your own store, and when that happens you get a world of opportunities to sell on mobile applications through the likes of Magento app development.

Let’s say, though, you’re starting out. You still might want your own store, it’s a powerful sign that you’re serious about your product. You might want to start the easy way, though; you’ll be able to do your market research without sinking serious money into the project.

There are the old favourites of eBay, Etsy and Amazon, which have no barriers to entry, the cost is almost non existent and you can be up and running within an hour. So there are obvious benefits. Directing people to Amazon or eBay, though, puts your potential customer in the hands of the competition, somebody else’s product is just a mouse click away, making it dangerous in its own way.

Amazon can also hit you with some hefty fees, which will have a serious impact on your margins, but of course there is something to be said for being on the world’s biggest marketplace. So there are pros and cons to consider.

Social media shops are another option that can be up and running within hours and they’re becoming increasingly important. There’s a massive audience on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and the likes of StoreYa are integrated with Magento, so it scales relatively easily when you’re sure about your products or if you just want to expand.

Most website builders offer ecommerce options now, too, so you can set up a basic online shop without bringing in outside help. It might not be the ultimate answer, but it’s a halfway house that can get you selling, so you can fund a better build and an app with the profits. Bootstrapping a business is a sensible way to go about it, so it’s good to know you can build a shop without spending the Earth in advance. When you start to make sales, you can spend big on an all-singing, all dancing app.