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Choosing the right eCommerce platform – dos & don’ts

Posted By: Jason

When it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform you’re making one of the most important decisions in the early stages of your business. You’re faced with an endless list of options, which can be confusing. But, this is a decision you need to get right. In order to do so, you have to look at the factors that are important to your business. Your product catalogue Pretty obvious, right? Your products are the lifeblood of your business, and it makes perfect sense to look at what you’re selling before choosing a platform. A catalogue which is poorly put together can end up causing you headaches down the line, so you have to make sure that the product attributes you wish to store are aligned with the definitions that are provided by your commerce platform. Mobile compatible With mobile usage as high as it’s ever been, you need to have an eCommerce site that is mobile ready, easy to navigate and loads quickly. Slow loading times means lost visitors, which means lost revenue. The days of online shoppers expecting anything less than a seamless mobile experience when making a purchase are long gone, so make sure you have your site in order and ready to go for those mobile shoppers. Scalability A good problem to have, isn’t it? When you find yourself having to scale up due to growth you want to have a platform that is able to maintain that growth and scale right alongside you. As a new business, we see many owners only look at which platform suits their needs today, without considering where they may be in a year or two’s time. Putting the time and effort into finding a platform that can scale early on in your business will save you a whole lot of trouble with your infrastructure later on down the line when your business is growing and you’re seeing more traffic, more orders and greater strain on the capabilities of your chosen platform. Among the top platforms available at the moment include the likes of BigCommerce, which allows you to accept payment from the likes of PayPal, Stripe, and both Amazon and Apple Pay. Integration with apps is also a major strength of BigCommerce. Thankfully, today's CMS are up to the challenge. WordPress is one of the world's biggest web hosting platforms and is ideal if you want to be able to build a fully intuitive website that can be scaled up to include eCommerce functionality and more with a range of plugins. Then there is Magento, a dedicated eCommerce platform which offers flexible and open source software and the world's largest and most comprehensive offering of customised extensions, including Apple and Amazon Pay. If you take these points into consideration when making your choice of eCommerce platform to use going forward you’ll be laying the foundation for a business that can grow and be successful with the minimum of issues. To find out more about your options, speak to the team at our eCommerce agency today.