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Common mistakes you should avoid when choosing a mobile app developer

Posted By: Jason

There’s no doubt about it: a mobile app is a powerful tool that could grow your customer base, and also the relationship you hold with existing customers. However, designing and building an app with a developer can be a stressful experience which requires you to go on a quick-learning process about what is good to look for. To help you get off to the right start, here are three common mistakes to avoid when hiring your app developer.

1. Going cheap

Having an app built for your business is like anything - you get what you pay for. When gathering quotes for your idea, be sure to account for a reasonable budget. Choosing one development team because they are 30% cheaper than everyone else should set alarm bells ringing. They are likely overpromising on things they can't deliver or will not offer suitable aftercare to deal with bugs and fixes. In the end, you will likely need to bring in others to finish the project and end up spending more than choosing a reliable developer first time around.

2. Not checking experience

With so many developers around, you have the right to be picky and ask for them to show relevant experience. If someone can't, then it may be time to keep looking. Choosing a developer based on empty promises that they can't prove will lead to a lot of stress throughout the whole process, and you likely being left with a mobile app which is nothing near to what was promised.

3. Choosing an outsourcing agency

Believe it or not, when you choose an app development agency they may well be outsourcing much of the work abroad. Doing this leads to a number of problems because you can't then guarantee that the final code is to a high standard, or even what language it will be written in. Ensure that whichever company you choose to go with will actually be performing all of the work themselves and what language the final code will be in.

There is a reason that we have managed to excel so well in the competitive world of app development. First and foremost, it is because of our consistency in producing smooth and reliable mobile apps first time around for our customers. Our approach to mobile application development is that you, the client, are the most important person and we want to build something exactly tailored to your needs. If we think we can't do something, which is rare, then we don't lie or overpromise on the delivery.

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