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Costly SEO mistakes you are probably making

Posted By: Jason

It doesn’t matter whether you sell designer shoes or financial services, the importance of good SEO cannot be ignored. If you are failing to reach the dizzy heights of page one on Google, it could be because you are committing one of the following costly mistakes…

Limited technical SEO tools or knowledge

So many people try to do SEO without the requisite tools or knowledge. A good SEO strategy features an array of intricacies that come together to deliver positive results. With limited knowledge, this is impossible to achieve.

Failing to understand the backlink process

Obsessing over the acquisition of backlinks is another error. While every website does require outside mentions to harvest credibility, these backlinks need to be gained naturally. Purchasing backlinks is never a good idea, especially when the links are not relevant to your business, nor are they high-authority links. It's all about quality over quantity.

Poor load times

A lot of people make the mistake of believing a website’s ranking comes down to the keywords used and that’s all. In fact, Google uses a number of different elements to rank a website, and one of these limits is how easy a website is to use. This involves a quick load speed. If your website is slow to load, limit the number of front-loading plugins and use cache programs to speed it up.

Being lured by the temptation of black hat techniques

Black hat techniques cheat the search engines. While they can offer initial results, they can cause serious damage to your ranking in the long run, and so they are never a good idea. So, what are the black hat techniques you need to avoid? Cloaking, stealing content, questionable redirects and traffic patterns, hiding words on-page, keyword stuffing, and using low-quality or duplicate content.

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