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Demand for App Development set to soar

Posted By: Jason

With more users accessing the internet from mobile devices than traditional desktops, it’s no surprise that there has been significant shifts in the world of web development. As users access websites across a variety of devices, businesses are clamouring to respond to user expectations. Expert App Developers are having to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies as mobile phones are always evolving.

Whilst responsive web design has been instrumental in creating workable cross-device websites, the rise of mobile apps is paving the way towards a new era of mobile technology.

Creating a bespoke App with an App Developer

Despite the advantages of using mobile apps, a significant number of companies have shied away from launching their own apps because of the perceived costs. However, launching bespoke mobile applications needn’t be costly or expensive. In fact, businesses often report an increase in returns as a result of a rise in sales via the app itself.

Featuring your company logo, theme and colours, a dedicated app retains your brand identity but allows users to engage with you in their preferred way.

With the vast majority of mobile users accessing apps via an iOS or Android platform, we can provide UX, design and build apps to work across numerous devices; meaning you can connect with prospective clients and customers, regardless of what mobile device they’re using. 

Gathering customer data via Apps

As any successful business knows, customer data is extremely valuable. Collecting this information enables businesses to target potential customers more effectively and facilitates meaningful engagement with existing purchasers; thus creating sales and fostering brand loyalty.

Launching a mobile app is an ideal way to gather customer data, with the user’s full consent. Depending on your requirements, your app can even access the user’s location and camera, as well as sending them notifications and updates as necessary. Make sure you ensure that you do not put off your customers.

With an in-house team of SEO Agency, we have the expertise to ensure your rankings rocket to the top. While many people focus on their website’s SEO ranking, it’s important to remember the importance of SEO services when it comes to your mobile app.

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