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Do you need a computer science degree to be an app developer?

Posted By: Jason

Interest in studying technical and scientific subjects has sky rocketed in the past few years. This is in part due to the government promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine) subjects towards young people.

Computer science, in particular, is growing at a huge rate, especially at top universities in the United Kingdom such as Oxford, and Cambridge - which recently had a new building built for the computer science department after a huge investment from Microsoft founder Bill Gates (it is called the Gates building).

But is a degree in computer science or a similar subject necessary to go into mobile app development? It doesn't seem to be. Developing apps and similar programming work is a skill - it needs to be learned. But there are many ways of learning to develop apps and learning programming languages. Several of these can be found for free on the internet by anyone with an internet connection! So it is not necessary to go to university to gain the skills to develop apps and be successful with it.

And for the proof of this we can look straight back at one of the great universities mentioned earlier in this post: Oxford. There has recently been an uptick of students starting in the computer science department at England's oldest university who have already become wealthy from developing apps and selling them on for big profits. They then go to university just to hone their skills and deepen their technical understanding, as well as to network and meet like-minded technical people.

Overall, app development is a growing field and a lot of people are getting involved in it these days. It takes skill and patience to find success - but there are, as always, many paths to success. Using online tutorials and resources to learn programming skills and other app development technologies such as Magento development can lead to a successful career in mobile app development, even without any formal academic training such as you might find in a university. In fact, studying on your own means you can guide your studies towards exactly what you want to learn, and can be much cheaper and more efficient!