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Does my business really need a mobile app? 3 reasons why the answer might be ‘yes’

Posted By: Jason

It’s already a cliché that there’s an app for everything these days. Like most clichés, however, this one is founded on a pretty solid truth. In the age of the smartphone, mobile apps feel like a very natural way for customers to interact with the products and services they use, from chatting to mates on social media to ordering a pizza.

So, whether your business deals with technology or not, it is highly likely that mobile app development might be a smart move for you. Here are three key benefits that having a mobile app can offer to just about any company.

Branding your business

Once your app is downloaded to a potential customer’s phone, it sits there, all day, every day, displaying your logo right in the customer’s palm. Whether they use the app or not, every time they open their phone they are reminded of your company. When it is time to purchase your product or service, this makes them highly likely to think of you first. This is the kind of branding that companies in the pre-digital age would have killed for.

Greater customer involvement

One of the undeniable effects the internet has had on the customer experience is that now consumers are hungry for products and services that place them at the centre. A mobile app can offer your target customer this sort of immersive involvement with your business, regardless of the product you sell.

Linking with your customers’ social media

Your mobile app developers can very easily integrate your business’s application with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus or whatever other social media platforms you believe are popular amongst your target demographic. This allows your app users to share their experiences with your product with their followers and friends, creating greater exposure and organic, word-of-mouth interest in your business.

So, as you can see, whether your app is monetised or not, simply having it out there can have hugely positive effects on your bottom line. Want to find out more? Then contact Lexel today and ask about our mobile app development services.