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Dwell time: The crucial metric for SEO success

Posted By: Jason

The modern Google ranking algorithm has become incredibly complex and is very effective at finding the right content for searcher’s needs. They use a number of ranking factors to consider whether or not your content belongs on the first page of searches. However, there is one metric you should be focusing on in order to help boost your long-term SEO success. That is dwell time.

What is dwell time?

Dwell time is the amount of time someone sticks around on your site after clicking on it in the SERPs. A visitors dwell time essentially ends once they click back from your page to their search query on Google.

What does dwell time tell Google?

Dwell time has become an incredibly important metric as it tells Google so much about your site. Such as:

1. Whether you are actually answering the question
2. Whether your site is properly responsive
3. How much people enjoy reading your content

With this in mind, Google can then use your visitor’s dwell time to rank you in the future. If you have a low dwell time, then Google will drop you next time someone searches for that query. And vice versa if you have a strong dwell time.

Ways to boost your dwell time

There are a number of things you can do to boost your dwell time, but here are some of the most effective methods.

- Provide a genuine and relevant answer to the target search query
- Write long content
- Make sure your site is properly responsive on all devices
- Make your content enjoyable to read and engaging
- Minimise page sizes to boost site speed
- Use a combination of text and multimedia
- Write in a skimmable format with effective use of headings

The most effective way to boost your dwell time

Because there are so many things that could be affecting your dwell time, it is important you have a targeted and effective approach to rectifying the problem. As such, it may be best to bring in an experienced SEO agency, like ourselves, to give your site a proper assessment. We can advise you on the most important changes you can make today to boost your dwell time and succeed in ranking your content. To find out more about our SEO service, contact our team today.