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Four advantages of Magento Development

Posted By: Jason

Although it won't tick every box for everybody, Magento Development is a hugely popular ecommerce platform which powers many online shopping websites in today's era. A logical question is; why? The reason for Magento's popularity comes back to the useful features of the platform, and here we have picked out four fabulous attributes which go a long way to making Magento the efficient ecommerce platform that it is.

1. Customisable user interface This is a very important feature which allows online retailers to give shoppers a different website experience for each item category, should they choose to do so. Thanks to a back end management system which has been designed with simplicity in mind, retailers can switch easily between different 'storefronts', changing the colour and layout according to the products they feature. After all, if you are a clothes retailer, surely your women's section should look a little different from the men's or kids' area?

2. Pricing flexibility Discounts and deals are a powerful selling tool for the online retailer. Magento gives them the flexibility for pricing fluidity in line with a shopper's buying habits. For example, if a shopper places a tennis equipment item in their virtual cart, Magento would allow them to be targeted with similar products at a discounted rate, while not altering the base price of this product for other users.

3. Integrated order processing Once you have sold a product, you need to get it to your customer intact and on time. That's where Magento also comes up trumps, offering direct partnerships with ecommerce shipping specialists that allow the importation, management and shipping of orders. These shipping specialists have their own partnerships with postal services and couriers such as FedEx and UPS, meaning you needn't have any shipping concerns.

4. Management of catalogues The process of uploading items to your ecommerce site can take up a lot of time, which is why Magento's ability to let you upload a large number of items in one import is priceless. You can achieve this with all the important info such as the name of the manufacturer, description of the product, image and price, saving you time and allowing you to update your site with hundreds of items at the click of a button.