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Four pitfalls for aspiring app developers

Posted By: Jason

With the whirlwind success enjoyed by some mobile app developers, it is no wonder that rarely a week passes without somebody coming up with another brainwave they expect to make them millions. There are, however, some common pitfalls exhibited over and over again by app developers. Here we run through four common errors made by developers in the process of getting their app up and running.

1. Choose a development platform, and stick to it

Many app developers get caught up in a lack of focus, brought about by split attentions between developing an Android or iOS app. Both have their plus points and disadvantages - the acceptance policy is much stricter for iOS apps, but they have fewer different screens to cater for, which could make things simpler in the long run. Choose whichever you think could be more suitable to a long term business plan and stick with the process, reviewing submission guidelines before you get past the planning stage.

2. Teamwork is crucial

Many teams behind mobile apps consist of a mobile app developer and a designer. While one is most likely working on code, and the other focuses on user experience design, your ideas might not be communicated into an effective workflow. The importance of clear communication should not be underestimated in the development stage.

3. Know your market inside out

A huge 60% of apps that are developed for Google Play get a grand total of zero downloads, and the problem could be how they are marketed. You should know who your target audience is, and how to target them. If you haven't factored marketing into your overall business plan, it is very unlikely your app will get off the ground. If you need outside help, there are plenty of marketing and PR specialists that can produce some valuable work for you, without costing the world.

4. Get those reviews

Once the app is up and running, you will want to attract as many positive reviews as possible. From a development point of view, making it as easy as possible to receive helpful reviews should be a priority. They will not all be glowing, but only by giving people a channel to make their views known will you build up your review count.

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