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Google Search: Keeping up with the Ever-changing Ranking Factor

Posted By: Jason

With over 200 factors that go under the google search ranking system, it seems nearly impossible to make your way to the top. To make things a little easier on you, we are going to cover the most important factors that are currently controlling your google search ranking.

Here are 4 of the most important factors:

1. Mobile Page Speed

More than 50% of Google searches come from mobile devices. While this number continues to grow, and the attention span of humans continues to drop, this will gain more and more importance. Being able to be up and running instantly will keep your potential customers from moving on to the next link.

2. High-Quality

It is important to continually bring quality content as well as updated and relevant content. Make sure you know what your customers are looking for and bring that. If you have a website that hasn't been updated since 1999, you may want to rethink your marketing strategy and use our top SEO tips.

3. Keywords

The word on the street has been that keywords no longer factor into your google search rankings. Although they did change up the standards, there is still a lot of importance that keywords bring to the table.

The biggest thing to note is that this is no longer the focus, this is more of a guideline to help you with your quality content. Google just made the algorithm a little harder to trick. It is best just to include keywords when appropriate, as opposed to just using keyword after keyword in the past.

4. User-Experience

This can tie in with the high-quality content. Users want to see an attractive website, they want to be able to get around your site with ease (including mobile site), and they want to be able to find what they are looking for.

Having the above factors down is great, but if they can't navigate your site, all your efforts are being wasted.

With there being so many guidelines on what to do, you need an SEO agency that can take some of the hassles out of the experience and help you get a step ahead of your competitors.

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