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Google: To Allow Responsive Display Ads

Posted By: Jason

Google have recently made two significant announcements regarding responsive display ads (RDAs). First and foremost, RDAs will now be able to include YouTube videos; a move that has been widely welcomed by marketers, who have long seen video inclusions as the sensible next step for RDAs.

In addition to the introduction of video, Google have also announced two reporting updates for Google Ads users. The first is the introduction of Combinations, which can be found in the new “Combinations” tab within Google Ads.

The purpose of Combinations is to ease an existing problem; while RDAs are undeniably useful, marketers have found it difficult to analyse which content groups (such as videos, images, descriptions, and so on and so forth) are performing well - a process that Combinations should now simplify.

The second reporting update is the introduction of an “ad strength score”. The feature, which was already available for responsive search ads, details comprehensive progress reports on the quality of images, headlines, and descriptions used in existing campaigns.

Furthermore, if marketers find their ad strength score somewhat underwhelming, Google will now provide tips and recommendations as to how the ranking could be improved. Time will tell exactly how insightful the ad strength score proves to be, but for the moment, the development at least adds another string to any marketer’s bow.

While the ability to include video in RDAs is undeniably the most exciting facet of these recent introductions, the extra reporting might is also likely to prove popular with marketers in the future.

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