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Google Update Test My Site

Posted By: Jason

Google have announced a significant update to their popular speed test tool, Test My Site.

The update primarily focuses on enhanced details regarding a website’s mobile speed, which aligns neatly with the continued mobile focus of many website designers and SEO Companies.

The rebuild of the tool is reasonably significant; Google have clearly sought to ensure that their focus is as broad as possible when implementing this change.

When accessing Test My Site, it is now possible to view both the overall site speed and the speed of individual pages, along with comparisons based on the previous month. In addition, users will also be able to read the potential impact of site speed on revenue and conversions.

The final development is the introduction of website ratings; every site will be rated as Fast, Average, or Slow.

While these ratings are not necessarily particularly beneficial in and of themselves - such ratings are always, to an extent, somewhat arbitrary - Test My Site now provides the opportunity to compare a website’s speed against competitors. For marketers seeking to gain an edge in their niche, this information will be undoubtedly beneficial in the future.

This measure is particularly useful for identifying reasons individual pages may have slowed, helping to facilitate more effective troubleshooting, along with Google’s own recommendations for improving page speed on up to five pages on the site.

As a result of the new improvements, Test My Site should now become all the more beneficial for marketers, and especially those seeking to capitalise on the possibilities offered by the growth of mobile search.